• Ensure emergency lightings are checked and recorded according to FSD requirements and reduce fire risk
  • Keep emergency lightings functioning all the time, especially in case of fire, to minimize human injuries due to emergency lightings failure
  • Dramatically reduce expenses and workload of manual testing
  • Eliminate human test recording work, admin and filing work
  • Notification to customers whenever failed lighting found and allow customers to take action asap
  • Help customers in maintenance planning
  • Reduce relying on FS equipment annual inspection
  • Each Remomo eLight works individually and no need for site computer or complicated control system
  • Plug & Play
  • Enhance building smart and safe image
  • User can set his own day and time of schedule test to minimize influences to the building occupant


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Financial consideration:

For every 100 traditional emergency lights,

Monthly checking :
100 x (1 min test + 9 min walk time) +1hour admin time= 9.33 manHour/month,  or 112 manHour/year

6-monthly checking :
100 x (15 min test + 9 min walk time) + 1hour admin time= 41 manHour/year

Annual checking :
100 x (60 min test + 9 min walk time)  + 1hour admin time= 116 manHour/year

Total you are spending 112+41+116=269 manHour/year OR $40/hour x 269manHour = $10760/year in manual test

Remomo eLight will save more than $10000 per year every 100 lights.

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