Q: What if there is no Wi-Fi available or Wi-Fi is not allowed to connect Remomo?
A: We can offer optional industrial grade 3G wireless router to create a wireless network solely for Remomo eLights.

Q: Do I need professionals to do the installation and setup?
A: The installation is just the same as typical emergency lighting and can be done by general electricians.  And set up can be done by anyone following several steps:

  • Ensure Remomo eLight is powered on
  • Connect to Wi-Fi using any mobile phone
  • Go to Remomo web app at www.remomo.info and create a user account
  • Register the serial number of your Remomo eLights to your user account and you are good to go

Q: Do you offer on-site install service?
A: We can offer on-site install service for bulk purchase or project purchase.  We also offer design, drawing, submission, site coordination, conduit works and wiring works, testing, commissioning service upon request.  We have years of experiences in contracting Government, organizations, University, private developer projects.

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