Smoke Alarm


Smoke Alarm (RM-FS)

Remomo wireless smoke detector is a general purpose ionization smoke detector with visual audio alarm and is able to connect to the internet cloud so that the alarm signal will reach you anywhere anytime via mobile phone or tablet.  It is operated by lithium battery without any cable and new battery will last for 1 year.




  • Local visual and audio alarm
  • Long battery life  1 year
  • Send email and notification in case smoke detected
  • Battery operated – no need for power supply cable
  • Standard size lithium ion battery – easy to source
  • Wifi communication
  • Simple setup and install
  • Periodic battery low check
  • Periodic survival check
  • Free IOS, Android, Web app
  • Statistical log and report
  • All design and hardware assembly in Hong Kong


Suitable for

  • Domestic home especially with elders and pets
  • Construction site temporary fire protection
  • Remote premises such as rural pump house, subway, etc.
  • Unmanned warehouse/storage



Model RM-FS
Communication WiFi
App IOS,Android,Web
Detect technology Ionization 
Mobile phone alert Smoke detected, low battery, survival upload overdue
Indication light Normal, Connect fail, transmitting, low battery
Battery Rechargeable Lithium ion 18650
Expected usage after battery recharge 6 months
Operating voltage Nominal 3.7 V
Size Diameter 110 mm x 50 mm
Weight 200 g
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